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Employee Benefits available include:
• Dental
• Vision
• Long and Short-term Disability
• Term, Whole, and Universal Life Insurance
• 401K Plan
• IRAs

• Supplemental Insurance: Accident, Cancer, Long-term care, Voluntary Indemnity, Intensive Care and Medicare Supplement
"One of the great things about working with Combined Management is the ability to offer high quality benefits to employees at a very low cost, no matter what size your company is. This allowed me to draw the best available talent and, more importantly, retain them!"
"My accountant used to take weeks to reconcile all of my payroll-related general ledger entries each year, but now they are reduced to a single line item as payroll expenses. What a relief!"
Benefits to your company include:
• A wide variety of benefits to employees to boost morale, lower turnover and increase loyalty.
Lowered cost of accounting due to simplified payroll expenses that are recorded as a single line item.
• Eliminate the burden of expensive and time consuming payroll audits for taxes or worker's compansation.
• Spend more time working on activities that grow your company and add more money to the bottom line.
• Expert advice on compicated payroll, taxes, workers compansation, hiring, termination and employee disciplinary issues.
• Peace of mind knowing that the payroll is being taken care of and that all the tax filing deadlines are being met.
The list goes on and on! Pick up the phone right now to see what we can do for you. You'll be glad you did!
Feature Article: How a PEO reduces employer liability for workers' compensation claims
by Norm Dickinson, COO
Combined Management, Inc.
Working with a Professional Employer Organization can reduce an employers liability for workers compensation claims by making sure that the claim is handled in an approved manner and that the employee's rights are fully recognized. When a workers compensation claim is filed, an employee suddenly becomes a "protected class" of employee and any action by the employer will often be scrutinized for a violation of the empoyee's rights. This can cause a major legal issue to arise over a seemingly innocent decision by the employer - one that would be perfectly acceptable with any of the other employees.
A PEO has the background and resources to ensure that every worker is treated fairly and all actions by the employer are within compliance of the law, protecting the employer from expensive lawsuits which can accompany any claim. This is due to the fact that PEOs are in the business of keeping current on legislation and have specialized knowledge and the experience necessary to navigate the legal minefield surrounding workers compensation claims and administration. Because the employee is being co-employed with the PEO and the employer, the PEO handles all aspects of the claim - from the initial filing, to audits, hearings and appeals.
Working with a PEO can prevent costly mistakes, but only if you ask your PEO for advice and then follow it to the letter. Allow your PEO to do what they do best, so you can do what you do best!
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