Combined Management, Inc. 
Have you outgrown your payroll company? 

All the Benefits of a Payroll Serviceā€¦plus so much more!

Combined Management offers Maine's small and mid-size businesses a way to outsource the headaches of managing payroll, while also giving their employees access to benefits found in Fortune 500 companiesā€¦at a cost Maine businesses can afford.

Attract and Retain Employees with Comprehensive Benefit Packages
We handle those HR management issues that take up so much time - and you focus on core business issues
Payroll, Benefits, Workers' Compensation and more!
Give us a call today to see how we can help you grow your business and start saving money on every payroll.
Who are our clients?
Our client base is made up of small and medium companies who have at least one business location in Maine, and at least one employee. We have found that we can help businesses in almost every industry. We help companies just like yours to solve their payroll and HR challenges and focus on growing both the top and bottom line. By freeing up your talented individuals to focus on the strategic, long-range planning, we allow you to make better use of your HR staff and we always save you money over doing the work internally. While we are very competitive with the rates that traditional payroll companies charge for their services, we offer you a long list of other services that we provide at no charge, making Combined Management the obvious choice for any growing business. We are especially instrumental in helping startup companies to become profitable by allowing the visionary to focus on the vision and the craftsman to focus on the craft, instead of getting bogged down in the paperwork. Find out more. Give us a call today!
Need some help with the new FLSA changes going into effect December 1, 2016? We can help. Call us today at 207-782-8246!
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